Fitness Hubs

Unique workouts designed to train your whole body in just 20 minutes.

PowerWave® Fitness Hubs bring together members of all ages and abilities for a truly unique group exercise experience.

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What makes PowerWave® so unique

The workouts

Fun, energy packed group training environment in a uniquely equipped studio with interactive technology and an unrivalled atmosphere. No 2 workouts are the same so your body and motivation never waivers, getting you fighting fit and ultimately leading a better quality of life.

Just 20 minutes!

Our workouts are just 20 minutes, intense enough to get real results so even those with limited time can get and stay fit!

Time is no longer a factor and there is no sacrifice to the quality of the workout, train your whole body!


Keep the habit going by training both in hub and at home with full access to our App with your membership, giving access to Live and OnDemand workouts. Different programmes, nutrition advice and plans; and access to our community through Journey Share, a platform for members to connect with other PowerWave® users.

The PowerWave

Our key and completely unique piece of equipment which is used in our workouts. It is an ergonomic training device with a balanced keystone that creates a far greater force when in motion combined with a thermo gel that responds to your body temperature. The PowerWave accompanied with the workouts gives a training experience that can’t be found elsewhere.

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Fitness Hub

PowerWave® Fitness Hubs offer franchisees the opportunity to invest in a unique fitness product that requires a smaller footprint, less equipment and fewer staff than a traditional gym.