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PowerWave® Fitness Hubs bring together members of all ages and abilities for a truly unique group exercise experience.

PowerWave® delivers an unrivaled full body workout in a fun and fierce 20 minute session.

Classes are specially designed, they cover cardio, strength, power and speed and with a huge variety of different classes, you’ll be hard pushed to do the same one twice!

Classes run up to every 45 minutes and new workouts are added daily, so training is accessible and easy to fit into busy schedules.

Members can also book in for one-to-one training sessions and purchase official PowerWave® equipment at the Hubs.


LAUNCh Membership OFFER

Just £59.00 per month

No joining fee (normally £30). Reduced monthly rate if you join today! (normally £79)

6 Months Membership

Just £354.00

6 months membership paid in advance (normally £474)

12 Months Membership

Just £708.00

12 months membership paid in advance (normally £948)

Exclusive Powerwave Fitness Classes

Wave20 data-lazy-srcset=

The Wave20™ is the flagship PowerWave™ workout, A COMPLETE
BODY WORKOUT in just 20 minutes.

The Wave20™ workout is based on 5 axle movements that target the entire body. In each movement we have currently over 1200 exercises which is increasing all the time. The workout incorporates 5 exercises repeated 4 times in intervals of 50 seconds active followed by 10 seconds rest. Take your body to the max, burn fat and create a stronger, leaner you. Just 20 minutes that’s it!

Beast Reps data-lazy-srcset=

Beast-Reps is a 20 minute workout focusing on building muscle and strength. Using a heavier PowerWave than the Wave20 workouts, this workout will focus on each exhausting each muscle group.

Rep Out data-lazy-srcset=

RepOut369™ and Relay369™ workouts are perfect for building intensity, conditioning, endurance and mental toughness. Compete against yourself and others by keep score of your progress by counting your reps and set rate within the allocated time.

A monthly leaderboard will be in place for those who want to challenge themselves and others!

Relay 369 data-lazy-srcset=

Relay 369™ is a great Hiit workout you can do with your training partner. Is consists of an intense14 minute workout of 2 exercises and 2 people working together.

Can you reach the 30 rep mark in time?

Laws 5 data-lazy-srcset=

Laws5 is the quickest of the PowerWave workouts and will take only 10 minutes to complete from start to finish, but they aren’t easy minutes!. This work is designed to encourage your body to be better prepared for the chaotic nature of daily life by combining multiple movement patterns in a sporadic and randomised manner.

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