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Covid-19 Support Fund

It may seem harder than ever to start a new venture as a result of Covid-19 but at PowerWave we have made it the perfect time for those looking to get into business and secure their future within the fitness industry by offering new franchisees access to a £25,000 support fund to help with the investment costs and overcome any financial setbacks.

With only small initial commitments required, our franchise model requires minimal investment due to a small footprint and low equipment costs, and we pride ourselves on offering flexible financial support to our franchisees throughout our 5-year investment plan.

Join The fitness

PowerWave® Fitness Hubs offer franchisees the opportunity to invest in a unique fitness product that requires a smaller footprint, less equipment and fewer staff than a traditional gym.

Classes run every 30 minutes and members can also benefit from one-to-one personal training sessions. All PowerWave® Fitness Hubs also include a retail store which provides franchisees with a substantial revenue stream to support the training element of the Hub.

The first Hub was launched in March 2015, and building on its success, the franchise model followed.

Why Franchise With


Invest from just £50,000 with financial support available

Significantly lower risk and greater ROI than many other fitness franchises allows you to have a cash return within 18 months

5 year investment plan offers potential returns 12x money multiple

Proof Of

4 sites currently open in the UK and plans to open 40 sites by 2022

Small footprint and minimal equipment requirements minimise upfront costs

All Hubs include a retail store which provides franchisees with a substantial revenue stream to support the training element of the Hub.


Fitness industry experts form our management team and supply chain so you have best in class support throughout opening the Hub and once in operation. 

Up to 50% funding available based on individual circumstances

What Makes Us Unique
About Us

PowerWave® was founded by Jay Laville, a fitness coach with a passion for martial arts. When Jay found that work and social commitments impacted the time he had available for longer workouts, he wanted to find a way of training in a short space of time that still delivered tangible health and fitness benefits. And so the PowerWave® was born.  Since its launch in 2014, PowerWave® now offers an exciting franchise opportunity for people who want to run their own business, backed by a successful and proven model. 

The Revolutionary Bag

PowerWave® is a revolutionary piece of training equipment backed by expert programming designed to deliver a full-body workout for users of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

The App

The app includes new workouts and training programmes; nutrition advice and plans; access to an exclusive podcast; a Hub search feature and access to JourneyShare, a platform for members to connect with other PowerWave® users.

The Workouts

PowerWave®’s unique workouts have been designed to deliver a full body workout in just 20 minutes. With many citing ‘lack of time’ as a barrier to exercise, PowerWave® removes that excuse and offers 000’s of training possibilities for users of all ages and fitness levels.