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PowerWave® Fitness Hubs offer franchisees the opportunity to invest in a unique fitness product that requires a smaller footprint, less equipment and fewer staff than a traditional gym.

Convenience is key with PowerWave, our fast paced, high intensity workouts are just 20 minutes, which suits the busy lives of our members enabling them to see faster results.

Classes run up to every 30 minutes and members can also benefit from one-to-one personal training sessions. All PowerWave® Fitness Hubs also include a retail store which provides franchisees with a substantial revenue stream to support the training element of the Hub.

The first Hub was launched in March 2015, and building on its success, the franchise model followed.

Enjoy a business that gives it’s franchisees:

  • A community led business that is loved by our members 
  • A product that delivers real results to real people
  • Central support throughout the time that you own and operate your own Hub 
  • A proven business model to follow in a fast-growing industry
  • Ease of operation with no complex operating management needed
  • Low investment and operating costs mean sites are easily accessible and rapidly scalable.
  • An ever-evolving brand

Why Franchise With


Invest from just £40,000 with financial support available

Significantly lower risk and greater ROI than many other fitness franchises allows you to have a cash return within 18 months

5 year investment plan offers potential returns 12x money multiple


Simple, manageable operation and low overheads

Small footprint and minimal equipment requirements minimise upfront costs

All Hubs include a retail store which provides franchisees with a substantial revenue stream to support the training element of the Hub

Specially designed systems to ease operational procedures and improve member experience


Fitness industry experts form our management team and supply chain so you have best in class support throughout opening the Hub and once in operation 

Up to 66% funding available with our finance partners

Industry recognised training courses for you and your team

Complete turnkey solution for the opening of your Hub, allowing you to focus on training and recruiting members

What Makes Us Unique
About Us

PowerWave® was founded by Jay Laville, a fitness coach with a passion for martial arts. When Jay found that work and social commitments impacted the time he had available for longer workouts, he wanted to find a way of training in a short space of time that still delivered tangible health and fitness benefits. And so the PowerWave® was born.  Since its launch in 2014, PowerWave® now offers an exciting franchise opportunity for people who want to run their own business, backed by a successful and proven model. 

On average it costs £120k to open a PowerWave Hub. We work with a selection of lenders so franchisees can borrow up to 66% meaning the capital required is just £40k, 1/4 the cost of opening a traditional gym, offering a much stronger ROI.

The Workouts

Fun, energy packed group training environment in a uniquely equipped studio with interactive technology and an unrivalled atmosphere. No 2 workouts are the same so your body and motivation never waivers, getting you fighting fit and ultimately leading a better quality of life.

Just 20 minutes!

Our workouts are just 20 minutes, intense enough to get real results so even those with limited time can get and stay fit!

Time is no longer a factor and there is no sacrifice to the quality of the workout, train your whole body!

The App

Keep the habit going by training both in hub and at home with full access to our App with your membership, giving access to Live and OnDemand workouts. Different programmes, nutrition advice and plans; and access to our community through Journey Share, a platform for members to connect with other PowerWave® users.

The PowerWave

Our key and completely unique piece of equipment which is used in our workouts. It is an ergonomic training device with a balanced keystone that creates a far greater force when in motion combined with a thermo gel that responds to your body temperature. The PowerWave accompanied with the workouts gives a training experience that can’t be found elsewhere.